The Hon. Chris Ellison

Chancellor of The University of Notre Dame Australia

Chris represented Western Australia in the Senate from 1993 to 2009. Prior to that he was a partner in his law firm Williams Ellison.

Chris served in the outer ministry and Cabinet of the Howard Government from 1997 to 2007. His portfolios included Assistant Attorney General, Minister for Schools and Training, Special Minister of State, Minister for Justice and Customs and Minister for Human Services. To this date he remains Australia’s longest serving Minister for Justice and is a current legal practitioner.

In the private sector, Chris has served on the Board of Doric Construction, Chaired Australia’s North West Tourism and is currently a Director of the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation. He is Deputy Chair of the Board of Trinity College, Perth, has been a Governor of Notre Dame since 2009 and a Director at Notre Dame since 2015.


University Profile

The University of Notre Dame Australia was founded through an Act of the Parliament of Western Australia in December 1989.  Since its inception, Notre Dame has become a leader in higher education and now boasts over 11,000 students enrolled across its three campuses in Fremantle, Sydney and Broome.

Notre Dame is an Australian university which has embraced both the modern Australian university tradition and the ancient and esteemed traditions of Catholic universities  both in Europe and North America.

It has sought to be a university which specialises in excellence of undergraduate education. Its focus is the education and training of young people for entry to the major professions: medicine, law, teaching, nursing, accounting and finance, physiotherapy, counselling, health sciences and the priesthood.

The University is especially noteworthy for its role as a leader in the great traditional professional disciplines of Health and Education, so long associated with the mission of the Church in Australia. It has also assumed a special role in the education of, and service to, the indigenous people of northern Australia.

To find out more, visit the University of Notre Dame website www.nd.edu.au 



The University of Notre Dame Board of Trustees and Board of Directors

The Board of Trustees are the “custodians of the University” [s.8 of the University of Notre Dame Australia Act 1989 (WA)] responsible for ensuring that the University meets its Objects:

  • The provision of university education within a context of Catholic faith and values; and

  • The provision of an excellent standard of:

    1. Teaching, scholarship and research;

    2. Training for the professions; and

    3. Pastoral care for its students.

The Board of Directors is the “governing body” of the University.

Membership of the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees and Board of Directors is as follows:

Board of Trustees

General Trustees

Professor Celia Hammond – Vice-Chancellor (Ex-Officio)
Sr Annette Cunliffe
Very Rev Mgr Kevin Long
Rev Fr John Jenkins
Hon Justice Neville Owen
The Hon. Chris Ellison – Chancellor
HE David Scarf
Mr Michael L’Estrange

Nominee Trustees

Mr Michael Digges
Hon Justice Robert Mazza
Mr Peter Prendiville
Professor Anthony Shannon

Board of Directors

Mr Justin Carroll
Professor Celia Hammond – Vice-Chancellor (Ex-Oficio)
Mr Michael L’Estrange
Ms Louise McCann
Mr John Prendiville
The Hon. Chris Ellison – Chancellor
Mr Adrian Arundell
Mr Richard Lockwood
Ms Hilary Johnston-Croke


Other Governing Bodies

Other Governing bodies within the University include:

Board of Governors

Chair – The Hon. Chris Ellison, Chancellor

Student Board

Chair – Professor Celia Hammond, Vice-Chancellor

Finance, Audit & Risk Committee

Chair – Mr Justin Carroll